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  m a r i n a    b r o w n l o w
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Marina Brownlow is a mixed media artist, living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was born in Nicosia, Cyprus of English and Greek Cypriot parents and formally educated in the UK. Moving to New Mexico from England in the late 1980's, Marina traveled and lived in Cyprus, Borneo, The Gambia, Kenya, Korea, Malawi and Uruguay, which shaped and influenced her life and art. 

Not knowing where you belong allows one to become an observer. The challenges of displacement among multiple cultures and languages have sharpened her capacities to absorb and adapt, allowing rich fertilization. Thus, the work sits upon the cross roads of variance and reconciliation, freedom and discipline. 

Always interested in pushing limits, Marina works with diverse art forms and materials: sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, drawing. Bronze, steel, glass, wood, leather, rope, fiber, wax, clay.

Marina has shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013, London, UK, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas; Vivo Contemporary, Jay Etkin Gallery, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Center for Contemporary Art, FOCA (Friends of Contemporary Art) at the Llewellyn Gallery in Santa Fe; Roswell Museum and Art Center, Studio 704 in Roswell; Gallery 516, Albuquerque; and at Judy Chicago's Through the Flower, Belen, New Mexico; Axis Gallery in Sacramento, CA.
Gambia, Africa 1975
Marina in Gambia, Africa 1975